Google Panda and Penguin UpdatesAll of us are aware with Google Panda and Penguin Algorithmic Update and its effects. So, in this content post, I am not talking about these Algorithmic updates by Google. But I would love to provide you the information, which will help you to get rid of these updates.

If you think that your website got penalized or the ranking of your website has drooped very quickly then you have to analyze your traffic and web stats with the help of Analytics and Webmaster Tool. You may or may not receive a message in your webmaster tool inbox about the penalty but you can easily judge the facts by exploring the traffic and web stats of your website that your site got penalized or not.

Finally, if you are sure about the penalty then what you need to does?

Let me explain step by step about the process.

  • Content Check: Check the content available on your website. If you think that your website content is not very attractive to hold the viewers or to attract the viewers then replace it immediately. You can also remove those content pages which are not adding much value to your website.
  • Content Updates: If your website is having a blog, make sure you are updating the content on day to day basis. But make sure again about the quality of the content. Content should be very effective to attract viewers. It should explain everything that a user is looking for. And off course, it should be unique.
  • Social Presence: Create brand pages for your website and link those pages with your website. Like you can create a brand page on Wiki, G+, Facebook or any of the good social networking website. Also add the bookmarking or like options (G+, Facebook like, and Tweet etc.) in your website, so that your users can syndicate your website on the social network they have.
  • Website Design Check: Prepare your website is a way to make it more user friendly. You can enhance your website design or can offer something to users so that they should stay on your website for long. To know more about website features improvement, you can go though my post Google Algorithm Updates – How to Improve Rankings?
  • Stop Spamming: Don’t do keyword stuffing in your website content. Try to add variations of your keywords in the content, so that it should cover different aspect of your business. Write the content for users, not for the search engines.
  • Review Links Pointing to Your Website: Review all the links pointing to your website and get those links removed which you think are not useful or spam. You can read out my post about “How to Make Your Link Building Campaign Effective?” to know more about effective link creation/reference building activity.

Google Search Timelines

Few of my friends told me that link building is now dead after Google Panda and Penguin Updates but I am not agree with them. Don’t consider link as a link. Try to think in a way that who is referring your website. Reference building is the most effective factor in Google Algorithmic update. Now let me give you an example to clarify the reference building or you can say link building:

Let’s suppose, in your locality someone has committed crime or has done something wrong and Police is searching for the criminal and they have doubt on you as well. Then what you will do? Or what the Police will verify?

You will provide your good references and will try to assure that you are a clean and respected personality in your locality. And Police will verify your reference to check the facts. So, if a criminal will provide your reference, it wouldn’t work for you but if a respective social personality will provide your reference then it would defiantly work a lot for you.

Now replace the Police with Google and Reference with the website on which your website is linked. And you can easily understand what kind of reference or links you need to improve your branding, social presence and ranking on search engines.

Once you are done with the verification of above facts, you can submit the reconsideration request to Google. So that they can also verify and can remove the penalty form your website.

It’s not as easy to get rid of the penalty as the above article explained. It’s time consuming and need a lot of efforts to setup everything. So, keep patience, do the good things and get rid of bad practices. I am sure you will see good results for your website in couple of weeks or months.


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