Link Building IdeasFrom last 6 months, a big question or discussion is going on in Search Engine Optimization industry. What’s that? It’s related with website back linking. After Google Penguin algorithmic update, everyone is willing to know and understand the new techniques for creating quality back links for the site.

How to gain quality links for the website to improve ranking on Google? : Before providing the details about quality link creation, we would like to provide the current industry trends regarding link creation. What’s going on in SEO industry after Google Penguin Algorithmic Update?

Trend Type 1: Around 60% SEO Companies have stopped exchanging links, and now these companies are just dependent on Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions, Forum Posting and Commenting, Article Syndication and Press Release Syndication. These companies are even not aware that Directory Submission and Article Syndication is a big part of spam and these activities wouldn’t help them out in any regard. But as these companies aren’t having any information or knowledge about quality back linking, so they are just doing what they can.

Trend Type 2: Around 30% SEO Companies are still working on the same pattern as they were working earlier. These companies are playing with the client’s projects and not willing to accept the fact that Google Penguin Algorithmic Update has changed the SEO back linking process and even not just back linking but also SEO onpage techniques, content priorities, speed optimization, user behavior analysis etc. These kinds of companies are just praying to God that Google have to rollback the latest algorithmic updates and their client’s sites would again rank well on Google Search Engine. That day would never come back, that’s for sure. So these companies have to update the SEO practices and need to focus on quality work.

Link Building SEOTrend Type 3: Around 7% SEO Companies are exploring the news and updates about Google Algorithmic Changes and these companies are trying to crack the algorithm. These companies are researching every possible aspect of quality work and few of them have achieved good results as well. What these companies have research about new link creation process is as following:

  • Avoid Directory and Article Marketing: Directory and Article Marketing is old school days working activities. Now these activities are considered as spam by the search engines like Google! There are few good article sites which can add some value to your website but only if you will submit unique and eye caching content.
  • Avoid Blog and Forum Commenting: Blog and Forum comments are the most spam activities considered as of now. If you were using blog and forum coming for creating back links for your website, then don’t try these for now. These wouldn’t work for you and will be in result of Google Penalty.
  • Avoid Linking for unauthorized website’s: Don’t have a link on those sites, which are meant to create for exchanging links. Every link for the site is important. So, first check the authority of the site like Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Content Quality and Social Activities. If everything seems ok, then only have a link on that site.
  • Maintain Ratio Between Brand and Money Keywords: The keywords, those can generate revenue for you, are your Money Keywords. Everyone is willing to be on the top for most of the money keywords related with the industry. Brand keywords are like your website URL, or your company name. Earlier our approach was just to have money keywords in promotion strategy. But now everyone needs to think about brand + money keywords. Now you need to be equally focused on brand + money keywords.
  • Maximum Use of Content for back linking: A link on a site with quality content will surely help you to gain better visibility on the web. So, whatever link building technique you are going to use, just try to have quality content on the page where your link is going to be live.
  • Press Release and Guest Blog Content Posting – Best of everything: Now a days, Press Releases and Guest Blog Content Posting is the most effective technique for creating quality links for the site. Offer quality content to high authority blogs related with your industry and gets a link back for your website. It will help you to generate quality links as well as valuable traffic on your site.
  • Micro Blogging / Micro Sites: Micro Blogging and Micro sites also be a good source for generating quality links. You need to take care that you should be actively involved in this activity and should have placed quality content.

Link Building Benefits

  • Ebooks: You can create small ebooks including your website links and can syndicate on the web. These ebooks can also generate quality links for your website.
  • Focus on natural link creation:After Google Penguin update, we are now more aware with the natural and unnatural links. But still there are about 50% SEO’s, who are even not able to differentiate between natural and unnatural links. So, everyone needs to understand the concept of natural links and to be focused on that.
  • Natural Links: Some has recommended you or reviewed about your company.
  • Unnatural Links: Links on the resource pages like links.html, recource.html, partner.php, seo-link.php etc. Also those links, which seems like you have buy or have exchanged.You guys can visit our post about Google Penguin Update.
  • Maintain Ratio between Text Link and Image Links: You need to maintain the ratio between links on the images and links with the anchor text. So, try to have both in your promotional strategy.
  • Maintain Ratio Between Dofollow and Nofollow Links: It’s not necessary that you should have all dofollow links for your website. Most of the social sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc are always linking your website’s link with nofollow attributes and these links are countable by Google. So, you need not to worry about dofollow and nofollow. Just try to keep your linking as natural as possible and link from good websites.
  • Should include Contextual Linking in your back linking process: Links in the content part is always having good weightage. You can have content links with the help of Press Release, Guest Blog Post, Micro Blogs, Micro Sites, Content Sites (Hubpages, Squidoo) etc. So, links in the content part should be in your priority list.
  • Maintain Ratio Between Root Domain linking and Inner Page Linking: Focus on deep linking concept. Home page (Root Domain) is always be in priority but now we need to focus equally on inner pages of the site. Try to link your important inner pages as well.
  • Create Videos and share on Video publishing sites: You can generate quality links with the help of Video creation and syndication. There are several video sites, on which you can share your video with your website links. So, keep posting your videos as this would help you in improving your branding, referral traffic as well as search engine positioning.
  • Creating Badges and offer free of cost to website owners: If you are an IT company, you have lots of space to offer something to your users. You can create badges including your website links. The badges should be in user interest, so that they should add it on their blogs or sites. It’s the most effective technique for linking. Make sure that you are not focusing on Keywords for that, just add your website URL.
  • Share Unique Images: Have an image gallery section in your website and syndicate those images on various image posting sites. This would link your website on top most image banks and can also improve your branding.
  • Explore Social Media as much as you can: Last but not the least, focus on social media as much as you can. Try to have your company presence on most popular social platforms. Try to be very active on those, keep posting good stuff as per your user interest, engage users on your social profiles, be a part of social discussions.

Conclusion: Keep up the good work and avoid spamming!


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