Link BuildingGoogle is updating the algorithm every year and several changes implemented in the updating process. The guys in Google spam team always recognize the spam activities and try to get rid of those spam activities by implementing and updating the algorithm.

After Google Panda update, Link Building is all most dead. Now SEO guys need to be smarter and need to do more brain storming to recognize, what are the effective ways of promoting a website on search engines like Google.

As per our research, we analyzed and found that links form following kind of sites will never help you to get good results. Although links on the following kind of sites would surely get your site penalized:

  • The site having high out bound links
  • Sites offering link advertising
  • Virus effected sites
  • Spam Blog comments links
  • Free For All sites links
  • Un-relevant theme sites links
  • Sites build for only link exchange etc.

link strategySo, the question is here, what kind of links we need to create for improving the site performance?

The answer is: We can still do the link building but the process would be a bit difficult. We need to follow following steps to do the effective link building:

  • Create links from those sites which are having quality content
  • Site’s should have regular content in blog or article section
  • Domain Age of the site should be 2+ Years
  • Site’s domain expiration shouldn’t be less than a year
  • Site’s should have at least 2+ PR
  • Site’s shouldn’t have the option of paid advertising
  • Site’s should be cached and indexed properly
  • The navigation of the site’s should be good
  • Site’s content shouldn’t be duplicate
  • And at the last but not the least “Trust Rank” of the site should be very good. Site’s should be trusted site as per the Google.

So, we need to be careful while getting a back link from any of the site. It’s important to have the link references but those references should be from trusted sites.

It’s something similar as: when you go to bank for opening a back account. Bank officials need the valid and trusted reference from you to open your bank account. Similar to Google, Google need the valid and trusted references to rank your website well.

Let me know, if someone want to add something in the above post. I will review the suggestions and will update that in the above post.


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