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Google Plus (G+) is the most popular social networking website now a day. Google Developer Team has implemented and introduced various new features for enhancing the user experience. The look and feel of the Google (G+) has also improved a lot and it’s now more users friendly and attractive.

You Can do lot many activities on Google Plus (G+) to engage your users and to improve your brand awareness in the market. Let’s have a detailed discussion on it.

Real Time Data Appearance on Google Search: From last few months, real time searches have played major role in generating the valuable traffic to the website. Real time data and discussion having positive impact on web users and they believe on the fresh and recent things happening around.

Web users are participating in the discussions related with their interest and it’s appearing on Google Search results as well. Now users are getting the real time and fresh information in all aspects. It’s not just Google Plus (G+), Google real time searches also includes Twitter, Facebook, News Sites and Blogs data as well.

If your business is a part of real time discussion, your company branding would surely improve and you may gain valuable traffic and business as well.

Google Plus TrendsPhotos and Videos Sharing With Your Users: Google Plus (G+) offers instant upload of photos and videos. It’s easy to upload and share photos and videos with your circle.

If you have any video or photo that you want your users to explore, you can share it on Google Plus (G+). If the video and photo would be impressive and having the information about your company website that may increase the chances of users to visit your company website.

Your videos and Photos will also come up on Google Image and Video search. So, you can have the benefits out of it.

Google Plus (G+) for mobile: You can share anything with your users who are in your circle. No matter where you are on the earth. You can update about latest things happening around you. Few more things that you can do are as following:

  • Chat Conversation: If you have a smart phone, you can get the chat messenger on your phone and can chat with your users, who are in your Google Plus (G+) circle. You can have group chat and can coordinate with any of your users.
  • Instant Uploading: You can also upload your pictures, videos, files etc and share the same with any of your users or user group.
  • News and Updates: Also can explore the updates from your users and can have the fare idea about the real time discussion going on in your circle.
  • Hangouts or Face to Face Conversation: There is another good feature on Google Plus (G+) for mobile and that’s “Hangouts”. You can have face to face conversation with your friends over webcam. Although there is a limit, you can only have webcam conversation with up to 9 people.

Google Plus (G+) Button on Your Website: Google Plus (G+) button has now made it easy to recommend anything from any of the Google Platform like Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps or Youtube. You can see the Google Plus (G+) sharing button on every website that is associated with Google. You just need to have a Google Plus (G+) account to share anything you like with your users.

If you have Google Plus (G+) social sharing button on your website, your users can easily share your website. It would help you to gain better social presence & brand visibility.

Google Plus IdeasPlay Games on Google Plus (G+): You can play exciting games on Google Plus (G+). Making fun while you are checking out the updates of your friends and relatives that’s a great deal.

As a business owner, you can engage the users who are interested to play games online. You can prepare the group of Game users and can share your company details. It would help you to reach out those users who are actually not looking for your business services but they may be the good source for providing references. These users can also share your business details with their friend’s circles and that would help you out to improve your branding.

There are various games offered by Google Plus (G+), few of them are as following:

  • Angry Birds
  • Zynga Poker
  • Flood-It!
  • Collapse! Blast
  • Uno Boost

Google Plus (G+) Help Section: Google Plus (G+) is having the G+ help section, which will guide you about the uses of this social site. This help section is having all possible information that you are looking for. They have well explained tips and tricks about the use of Google Plus (G+).

Conclusion: Overall, we would recommend everyone to be engage with Google Plus and to explore the benefits. Google Plus (G+) can help you in improving the branding, valuable traffic and visibility on social platform. Google Plus (G+) will also help you to be in touch with your users and to get the real time stats and discussion about various topics.

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