Content Marketing and SEO

Is SEO dead? Has it been replaced by a new discipline? Or is content marketing a perfect alternative for search engine optimization?

These are invalid questions given that both SEO and content marketing are neither completely different to each other nor both are the same.

Before moving forward, it’d make sense if key differences between both these marketing techniques are known:

  • They both overlap yet have some key differences
  • While SEO is all about technical aspects, content marketing is less so
  • SEO is much more than just traffic, conversions and revenue; it also includes content planning and content promotion (aspects of content marketing) 
  • SEO is about the use of URLs, title, description, ALT tags, site structure and speed, while content marketing is based around creating engaging content to win the attention of customers

Where SEO and content marketing overlap?

Your content, no matter how excellent it is, can’t realize its true potential unless you do its SEO. Without putting in optimization, who’d find your content let alone sharing it?

Similarly, what purpose of doing a great SEO when there is not enough content or quality content? This way, your audience won’t be able to find the worth of your content.

Therefore, we need to bring both the aspects – SEO and content marketing – together and combine them to form a potent search marketing strategy.

Here are some of ways to combine SEO and content marketing together for great results:

# Create content from SEO perspective

You need to create content from SEO perspective where the focus should be on the originality and engagement quotient of the content. Only high-quality content gets indexed more by search engines and this is how your marketing goals are achieved.

# Create content that brings long-term traffic

While creating content, it’d great if long-term traffic is considered rather than focusing on immediate results. So, the content should be generic or such that it helps users over a period and boosts ranking prospects for you.

# Do keyword research before creating content

Creating only quality content won’t take you far unless there is appropriate keyword or phrase term in the content. So, before embarking on content creation, give time to keyword research and choose the popular and relevant terms to include in the content.

# Track the performance of your keywords or phrases

Doing keyword research is just half the job done. You also need to track the performance of those keywords and phrases. Your chosen keywords won’t guarantee success and fluctuation is obvious in their performance.

# Create content to attract links

If your content is good, it will then surely get links. So, the content should have quality and be written with SEO in mind. It should be distributed effectively, and all this leads to links.

# Put internal linking in place

We have already seen that creating content is not the full job done. You need to do internal linking so that search engines crawl your pages more effectively and with more purpose. Such links guide users towards relevant content.


In overall, these are some of ways to combine your SEO and content marketing efforts together and realize your marketing goals with ease.

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How to combine content marketing and SEO together?
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